About Me

Anyone who knew me as a child would not be surprised that I am a psychologist.   My father was a first generation Greek-American raised by immigrant parents who, coming from the hills of Greece, knew how to work hard to make their dreams come true.   If you saw My Big Fat Greek wedding…I am the little girl at the end of the movie, who reaped the rewards of my courageous ancestors.    I grew up steeped in tradition, with a strong work ethic, and a profound value for family, relationships, and love.   Evolving within this rich heritage was not without hard work.  As with most Mediterranean cultures, our boundaries were fluid.  We all had our challenges, but I was taught from a very young age that going into the unknown instead of around it, can lead to great rewards no matter how anxiety provoking it might be.   Thankfully, mandated psychotherapy while being trained as a therapist helped me to corral and better understand those issues, and manage them a bit differently with my family, and with my patients.  I have been married for over two decades, and have enjoyed the journey of parenting triplets who are now young adults.

I try to practice what I preach, attempting to lead a life through example.   Whenever life throws me a left hook, I attempt the very ideas and modalities I recommend to my patients to keep myself balanced and fulfilled.   Throughout my life I have pursued many passions that include travel, skiing, singing, and most importantly, soaking up the everyday moments.